Curriculum Overview

Education at Dovecote Green Primary School is a continual process of discovering, learning and maturing, as pupils, supported by their teachers and their parents, progress through the various key stages of their school life.

Probably our greatest challenge as a school is to develop in our pupils the capacity for independent thought and action, and then combine this with rational and responsible decision-making. As we are a thinking school, we will cultivate a common language and approach throughout the school so that the children learn through a structured framework of language and tools.

At Dovecote Green Primary School we follow the National Curriculum for England. The whole course of study through the school is designed to develop pupils as independent and lifelong learners as well as encouraging a spirit of intellectual curiosity and the pursuit of knowledge. This is achieved not only by what is studied in lessons but by formal prep time and links between academic and cross-curricular opportunities.

English and Mathematics are the central elements in the curriculum. These are delivered with a rigour stemming from proven and traditional teaching methods and are bolstered by the latest innovations in modern practices such as interactive white boards and other ICT tools. Every child will have access to an iPad to develop their enquiry skills at appropriate times during lessons.

Further to this, the school has ready access to the latest in modern texts and curriculum planning strategies and the staff regularly review their teaching practices to ensure a fresh and dynamic approach to the ever changing world of education.

As would be expected, the support and involvement of parents in encouraging pupils to complete such work is all-important and helps to reinforce the school’s policy on extended learning.

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